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The Most Common Mistakes You Can Make in Your Online Dating Bio

The 12 Most Common Online Dating Bio Mistakes

Getting matches on any online dating platform usually comes down to attractive photos and a captivating bio. The bio is an opportunity to showcase your personality. Unfortunately, more often than not, people make the same mistakes with their dating bio. A good dating bio can mean the difference between a match and a missed connection, while a poorly thought out bio can completely derail your chances on these platforms. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 most common and egregious mistakes people make on their dating bio. You’ll want to take note!!

No Bio

We get it, you might be feeling lazy. Either that or maybe you don’t want to fully put yourself out there. Regardless of the reasoning, your bio is really a first impression so you are not doing yourself any favors by not having one. People want to know a little bit about you, as a jumping-off point and they will be less likely to message you if there’s nothing to go off of. It’s not mysterious, or interesting, it just comes off as you not caring or being all that invested. Even if it’s brief, something small is better than nothing at all.

Saying Too Much

On the other side of the coin, there are the people that want to tell their life story in their dating bio. The truth is most people won’t read beyond the second paragraph which is why most dating apps have a character limit for their bios. Leave some of yourself up to the imagination, and let your matches find out about you through conversation!

Too Many Emojis

When used properly, an emoji can inject some fun and add a playful touch to your bio. That being said, this isn’t a picture book, so you don’t need to illustrate every point. When it feels like someone’s emoji use outweighs their actual vocabulary it can signal a lack of substance and be a bit of a turn off. 

Overly Self-Deprecating

Speaking of bios that aren’t cute, it’s time to stop being your harshest critic in your dating bio. Not all self-deprecating humor is bad though. For example the line:

“I hear you like bad boys. Good, because I’m bad at everything.”

By being broad and outlandish this joke tells people that you don’t take yourself too seriously, and it doesn’t point out anything specific. Meanwhile, jokes about things you are actually self-conscious about may seem funny with close friends, but when trying to make a romantic match it’s best to avoid them. Confidence is much more attractive than self-deprecation.

“Funniest/Smartest Person I Know”

Confidence is usually attractive, but you can definitely go overboard with it. Let’s stop claiming to be the “funniest person you know”, or the smartest, or the nerdiest. I can tell you immediately what goes through everyone’s head when they see someone claim to be the “funniest person they know”, and it’s “Why don’t you tell a joke then?”. If you’re so funny or smart, prove it. Don’t tell me, show me.

“I’m Bad at Bios”

Well, isn’t this a self-fulfilling prophecy. There is no quicker way to tell if a bio is bad than someone pointing out that they are not good at bios in the first sentence. I know you think it’s cute, but it’s not. This is especially true because no one is bad at dating bios, it is literally writing a paragraph about yourself. When you use this line you can be eliminating potential matches that could have been a good fit if you had just put forth some effort rather than made an excuse

“Does Anyone Even Read This?”

In online dating, much like in real life dating, it is not a good move to start off by saying how shallow everyone is. I get it, dating apps tend to put a larger emphasis on appearance than traditional dating, but I don’t think your dating bio is the right place to call this out.

“Don’t Waste My Time”

When people use this line in their dating bio it makes them seem like they believe their time is more valuable than everyone else’s. It’s hostile and a mood killer… you know everything you don’t want your dating bio to be. It’s normal to feel online dating fatigue now and again but if you feel it’s making you negative about dating in general you’re better off taking a break from the apps than coming across like you’re too good for them.

Your Social Media Handle

There is an unspoken process that defines how online dating is done. First, you match, then you chat on the dating app, then you exchange contact information. By including this information in your bio (in the form of your Snapchat username or Instagram handle) you are throwing off the natural progression of the process. Worse than that, this can make you seem like you are only on these dating sites for selfish reasons rather than to form a genuine connection. Including your social media handles can give off the wrong impression about why you’re on the dating platform.

Being Too Broad

It’s not a bad idea to include interests in your dating bio, but an issue arises when your bio is a list of broad things everyone likes. Let’s say you just say “I like to travel”, most people like travelling so expand upon it. Travel where? What do you like to do when travelling? Your bio is supposed to share what makes you special and unique, so why not let people know. Including a list of your interests is fine, but try to make them specific.

Embarrassed about Being on a Dating App

Lines like “we can lie to our friends about where we met” and “can’t believe I’m really on here” are all over dating bios, and it sends the wrong message. Everyone who is single has likely tried at least one dating app, and even if it’s not for everyone, being on a dating app does not make someone less dateable. It’s about time we embraced the realities of modern dating and not shame ourselves or others for making connections online.

Grammatical and Spelling Errors

Last but certainly not least, having grammatical and spelling errors in your bio is scientifically proven to make your profile seem less attractive. Most phones these days have auto-correct, but I recommend reading over what you wrote at least once. Ensuring you don’t have any errors in your dating bio will go a long way.

Now that you know the most common online dating bio blunders, go out there and start mingling. If you are struggling with what to fill your bio with, be yourself. Make it light, approachable, honest to who you are, and unique to you. With that advice, you will move on to planning the dates!

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