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Summer 2021 Vaxxed and Waxed couple celebrating ‘hot vax summer’

‘Hot Vax Summer’: Do you need to be Single for Summer 2021?

Phrases like “vaxxed and waxed” and “hot vax summer” have the internet abuzz in anticipation for the upcoming summer months predicted to be the horniest yet. With most everyone in the world spending the last year inside their homes isolating it’s fair to say you are most likely craving physical connections. Whether you were in quarantine with your spouse who you need to escape from or alone in virtual solitary confinement, there are so many reasons that people have to look forward to this summer. With the many states that have opened up already or are preparing to open soon, we are beginning to see excitement form for summer 2021.

The excitement is building for the post-vaccine summer. Like bears waking up from a year-long hibernation, everyone is ready to emerge from our caves and get it on. While the anticipation is there, is the summer of 2021 going to be as horny as everyone is suggesting? The short answer is that it depends, the long answer… well keep reading to find out.

What is ‘Vaxxed and Waxed’?

As the name suggests, vaxxed and waxed came into existence from people excited to get their COVID vaccine shots and to go get waxed since grooming services have been fairly limited the past year during lockdowns. This term really signifies a return to the real world where a bit of casual fun is back on the table again.

It’s the feeling of finally being free from a global pandemic and being able to go out in public without the constant fear of a virus. It’s also a message to everyone that you are single and ready to mingle. 

How do you prepare for ‘Hot Vax Summer’?

There are a few easy steps you can take to get ready for ‘hot vax summer’. It’s all about transforming your pent-up quarantine self into the social butterfly you were before you heard of COVID-19. Here are the 6 steps you should follow in order to take full advantage of hot vax summer.

Be Single (or at least act single)

Yes, this is a requirement for hot girl summer and hot vax summer. While those in relationships got to spend their isolation time with a partner until they got sick of them, everyone else was stuck messaging someone over a dating app until it fizzled out 2 days later. It’s time for the singles to have a little fun. This could also work if you’re willing to turn a blind eye to monogamy or are in a non-monogamous relationship

Clean Up

Time to say goodbye to the gross COVID beard you grew, start wearing real pants (maybe even a belt), and get a real haircut. Half of vaxxed and waxed is being waxed. While not everyone needs to go get waxed, most of us need some grooming. Make sure you and your space look presentable this summer.

Be Outgoing

If the last year has taught us anything it’s that we have to take advantage of opportunities while we still can. Once you are able to safely do things, do them! Are your friends going out to a patio? Join them. Want to get down on the dance floor? Go for it. The world is your oyster, and now that there is no virus holding you back, why not try everything you can. It will lead you to new and interesting things and people. Make it a summer of saying yes to new things.

Get Vaccinated (Vax’d)

It’s important to remember vaccines help keep everyone around us safe. They are the reason we are getting out of this mess. Our globe’s top doctors all agree vaccines are safe and effective at stopping the spread of COVID. They help our body ward off the virus! There is a lot of misinformation on the vaccine, but one thing you can trust is that vax is half of vaxxed and waxed. It wouldn’t be a hot vax summer without it.

Don’t be ashamed of your last year

2020 was not kind to anyone and if you are going on a date prepare to answer questions about how you spent your time during COVID. Know that you are not alone in gaining weight, getting laid off, or anything else that has happened to you over the last year. Post-pandemic dad bods are the norm and you do not have to feel ashamed for any vices or bad habits you’ve picked up during COVID times. Leave the past year behind you and embrace the hot vax summer.

Dating Rules Still Exist

Everyone’s excited about post-pandemic life, but the regular rules still apply. Chivalry isn’t dead and basic dating etiquette is very much appreciated, especially since many people will likely be experiencing some re-entry anxiety. Make reservations, book dates in advance and treat people with respect. Act like you’ve been here before (because you have…).

How raunchy will summer 2021 be?

This summer will be what you make of it. Remember, we were all in a lockdown for a year plus, so if you are outgoing, can string a few sentences together, and act friendly you are already a step ahead of most. Expectations are low and our pent-up sexual energy is high, so put yourself out there.

It is also important to note that it won’t be easy at first getting back into the swing of things for many. You may have an awkward date or two, and your dating app messages may not always be the best, but if you keep putting yourself out there and be yourself you’ll find success.

If you are getting vaxxed and waxed for hot vax summer check out our articles on aphrodisiacs and sex playlists so you know how to get your partner in the mood. Have fun 😜!

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