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Woman and man are attracted to each other because of these turn-ons.

The 40 Most Irresistible Turn-Ons for Men and Women

Looking to be unbelievably attractive to someone out there? It’s not always easy, and it may seem like the people you’re attracted to are not the ones that are attracted to you. It seems like every little thing you do gives the person you want the ick. So, how do you make yourself desirable to your desired partner? You follow this list of 40 dating turn-ons for men and for women that will make you irresistible.

What’s a Turn-On?

Turn-ons are anything that makes you exceptionally attracted or sexually excited. Like the name suggests a turn-on is anything that turns someone on. In practice, a turn-on is anything you do, big or small, that makes someone more attracted to you. 

Now that you know what a turn-on is, it’s time to identify what actions are the most popular turn-ons.

Men Can’t Resist These 20 Flirty Turn-Ons

If you’re looking to attract the man of your dreams, look no further than this list of the top 20 turn-ons for men.

1. Make the First Move

Making the first move is about the most attractive thing someone can do to a man. They may be flustered at first but once the initial shock goes away he’ll be smitten.

2. Eye Contact

Who doesn’t like a little bit of flirty eye contact? Once you’ve found a guy you are attracted to, try staring into their eyes and wait for them to fall in love.

3. Finding an Excuse to Touch Him

Brushing against their arm, holding their thigh while you laugh, holding their hand. These are all ways to make a man obsessed with you. A little contact can go a long way. Be warned that being too hands-on can have the opposite effect.

4. Share a Fantasy or Secret

Men want to know that the people around them are as wild and crazy as they are. A great way to show your wild side is being open and honest about a mild fantasy or secret. You don’t want to give too much away!

5. Challenge Him

Nothing sexier than a little playful competition. The teasing, the back and forth, the competitive nature, all very sexy. The only thing that is not sexy is losing.

6. Laughing at His Jokes

Men tend to say they like someone with a sense of humor, which is code for wanting a partner who laughs at my jokes. Laughing at his jokes, no matter how cheesy or corny will make you more attractive.

7. Playing With Your Hair

Men love hair. Playing with it, pulling it, admiring it. If you play with your hair or draw attention to it, it will instantly turn him on.

8. Smiling

There’s no better way to show that you are enjoying yourself than a genuine smile. So, flash those pearly white teeth and show him how much fun you are having around him.

9. Comfortable Clothes

Men are simple and it doesn’t take much to turn them on. It can be something as simple as a pajama shirt with no bra that makes them go wild for you.

10. Confidence

Is there anything better than someone who knows what they want and takes it? Confidence is key for both men and women. Men want someone who is confident and knows what they are doing as much as women.

11. Independence

It’s nice knowing that someone knows how to handle themselves on their own. If you are at a party you don’t want a partner who clings to you for every second of it, you want the partner that makes their own friends. You don’t want to tend to your partner’s every need, which is why independence is such a turn-on.

12. Risk Taking

Men want someone that will make them step out of their comfort zone. It’s the plot of every manic pixie dream girl movie. The guy with a regular life meets a girl who can show him how to have fun, it’s the modern male fantasy. It’s why a partner who can take risks is such a turn-on.

13. Kindness and Empathy

Turns out nice people don’t finish last. Gestures of kindness and empathy are often really attractive to men. Someone who’s polite because they are polite is a lot better than someone pretending to be nice to win over a date.

14. Artistic Abilities

Being artistic and creative makes you more attractive, it’s a fact. When men see you have a passion for the arts, it’s an instant turn-on in their eyes.

15. Sweating

You may think that sweating is gross, but it is actually considered a turn-on to many men. Next time you find yourself at the gym sweating, remember that some guy is finding you irresistible at that moment.

16. Stretching

Who knew that the same thing that can protect you from aches, pains, and stiffness could be the same thing that turns men on. Yes, stretching makes you more attractive to men, especially if they are your chiropractor.

17. Wearing Men’s Clothes

There’s something about an oversized hoodie and a baseball cap that makes men go insane. I’m not sure what it means but the turn-on is undeniable.

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18. Eating Phallic Foods

Banana’s, popsicles, and lollipops, oh my! Eating these foods reminds men of… you know what. It’s that easy!

19. Focusing on Something Other Than Him

Some call it playing hard to get, others call it having interests. Whatever you call it, men like the chase of having to grab your attention and earn it.

20. Teasing Them

Speaking of playing hard to get, playful teasing can turn very flirty very fast. You don’t want to be too mean, find the right level of flirtiness and start testing the waters.

Women Find These 20 Turn-Ons Strangely Attractive

Looking for your future wife, girlfriend, or next one-night-stand? Here are the 20 turn-ons you can do to make sure you always seem attractive.

1. Timeliness

Forget about being fashionably late, it’s sexy to be early. Much like in the workplace, being late is not a good sign. Being late could signify that a person is inconsiderate, disorganized, and egotistical. Being on time or early can signify someone is considerate and organized.

2. Pet Owners

Women love someone that is responsible and empathic, and being a good pet owner requires both. It shows that you can care for something other than yourself and you chose to do it. Bonus points if it’s cute.

3. Can Dance

A man with rhythm is hard to find, but women are all over you. Even if you don’t have rhythm, a bad dance is one that doesn’t even try, so bust a move.

4. Plays an Instrument

Women love someone with hobbies and one of the sexiest hobbies is playing an instrument. Not all instruments are made equally attractive though. A grand pianist may have better luck finding a match than a tuba player.

5. Scars

Behind every scar is a story, usually one of risk-taking and adventure. A scar signifies a moment of stepping out of a comfort zone. Plus women just find them attractive.

6. Rolling Up Your Sleeve

Time to get down to business. Something about the exposed forearm and the rolled-up sleeve makes women go crazy.

7. Grey Sweatpants

The internet loves grey sweatpants on men. It even has its own hashtag, so you know there’s something to it.

8. Good Driving

If someone can parallel park, get out of any jam, and drive you anywhere they instantly become twice as hot.

9. Passionate About Their Career

Women love passionate people, but being passionate about your career is a different level of attractiveness. It means you pursued what you actually love and came out successful.

10. Opening Up About Their Emotions

Being in touch with your emotions is attractive. Gone are the days where women are looking for someone to be emotionless.

11. Having Calluses

It’s nice to have someone who knows how to use their hands and works hard, and the best way to tell is calluses on the hands. Nothing too callused but if they are the right level of callused it could be a massive turn-on.

12. Being Athletic

There are obviously some sports that are more attractive than others, but across the board, it’s one of the top turn-ons to be good at a sport.

13. A Little Stubble

Some women like bearded men, others like a clean-shaven face, but all women like a little bit of stubble. A messy beard or creepy mustache may be a big turn-off, so be careful!

14. A Good Friend

How someone treats their friends is a big indicator of how they may treat everyone else. Someone with a lot of close friends that they are constantly reaching out to is attractive because they know how to treat people right. An inconsiderate friend is a turn-off because it’s likely indicative of how they’ll treat a partner.

15. Cooks

A man who can cook is a massive turn-on. There’s nothing sexier than a man in an apron preparing dinner for two. This could be a great idea for a second date, wink…

16. Speaking in Morning Voice

Forget clearing your throat in the morning, women love a deep raspy voice. A good morning voice can make any woman go head over heels for you.

17. Outgoing

When someone knows how to say yes to new opportunities and have fun it shows you they would be a fun person to spend time with.

18. Wearing Somes Uniforms

Some jobs have uniforms that turn women on. Police officers, military members, firefighters, doctors… the list goes on.

19. Taking Care of Your Nails

Someone that can take care of his nails and has clean hands is attractive because it’s a sign of good hygiene.

20. Smelling Good

Someone that smells good takes care of themselves. Someone that takes care of themselves can take care of someone else. It’s that simple.

Now that you know what turns men and women on you’ll be able to use them in your everyday life. For more on turn-ons check out our articles on what foods will put you in the mood, and what playlists are perfect for the bedroom.

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