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Girlfriend receiving a gift from boyfriend

5 Date Ideas If Your Partner’s Love Language Is Receiving Gifts

Getting a gift will always be associated with the people we love and care about. A great gift is always appreciated. As children, we were eager to receive presents for birthdays and holidays, but as you grow older gifts can take on new meanings aside from being customary. For some, receiving gifts is the way they feel most appreciated. Whether big or small, meaningful or not, the thought of someone picking out something for them makes them feel loved. If this is the case for your partner, their primary love language is likely Receiving Gifts. 

What are Love Languages?

In his New York Times bestseller, The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts, marriage counselor Gary Chapman identified the following five love languages:

  1. Quality Time
  2. Words of Affirmation
  3. Acts of Service
  4. Physical Touch
  5. Receiving Gifts

Chapman’s key insight is that relationships grow stronger when partners understand each other. Part of this requires getting to know how the other expresses and experiences love, otherwise known as their “love language.” 

Defining the Receiving Gifts Love Language

Of the five love languages, Receiving Gifts is the rarest and the most materialistic. From Quality Time to Words of Affirmation, most are intangible, which is why Receiving Gifts tends to get a bad rap. You shouldn’t dismiss gifts as a superficial or shallow display of love though.

For the 18% of people who identify with this love language, it’s the thought that counts. They view gifts as visual symbols of love— a sign that they’ve been on their partner’s mind. When speaking in giving someone with this love language a gift, remember that they may interpret something as small as a packed lunch to be a token of affection.

5 Date Ideas for Receiving Gifts

Finding out that a partner’s love language is Receiving Gifts can be daunting, especially for those on a budget. Luckily, fulfilling your partner’s needs doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. If your partner speaks in Receiving Gifts, try out the following five date ideas. 

1. Do Things Old School With A Drive-In Movie 

Ever heard someone say that life was better “back in the day”? Throw it back with two tickets to a drive-in movie and find out why. Your partner will see the tickets as an expression of love, making this the ideal date for someone whose love language is Receiving Gifts. Make sure to bring some snacks and blankets for the ultimate experience. To spice things up, throw on one of these playlists for the drive home. 

2. Surprise Them With Breakfast-In-Bed

Who wouldn’t love waking up to pancakes, bagels and coffee in bed. Remember, if your significant other speaks this love language, your gifts don’t always have to be extravagant. Your partner will appreciate the time and effort you put into cooking their favourite breakfast, making this a perfect casual morning date. 

3. Get Concert Tickets For The Two Of You

This one’s the more expensive version of the drive-in movie date. If it’s your partner’s birthday, a holiday or another special occasion, splurge on tickets to their favourite artist. Receiving this gift will make them feel loved and you’ll both have an unforgettable date night belting out the lyrics to their favorite songs. 

4. Enjoy A Quick Getaway Together 

Gifts don’t always have to be tangible and often, the most memorable ones aren’t. A spontaneous day trip to a nearby attraction or an overnight trip somewhere special will tell your partner that you’re thinking about them. Plus, this date incorporates Quality Time which will make it extra memorable if this is one of your partner’s less dominant love languages. 

5. Let Your Creative Side Shine 

Often, handmade gifts are the most special. Keep this in mind when planning your next date and take your significant other to Build-A-Bear, a Paint Night, or a pottery-painting studio. Tap into your creative side and create something personalized for one and other. This date is casual, fun, and you’ll get a memorable gift out of it.

It’s The Thought That Counts

When planning dates for those who speak in Receiving Gifts, remember that this love language isn’t all that materialistic. Don’t give your partner just anything. The value of the present usually lies in what it symbolizes — not the item itself. 

So, infuse your gifts with thought and empathy. Let’s say that your significant other has been talking about getting into reading, show them that you’re listening. Make a date of taking them to the library and picking out some of your favorite books. This way, your gifts will be symbols of sentiment rather than superficial trinkets.

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